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Create A New Reejs Project

To create a new Reejs project, run the following command:

reejs init <project-name> [options]


Trying out for the first time? Don't run -y or --yes to get interactive prompts. If you're a veteran, you can run -y or --yes to skip the prompts, and apply your custom arguments along with it or it chooses the default options automatically.

Choosing Features

We define features as something that you can add-on to your project. For example, you can add a feature to your project that allows you to use a database. You could also add a feature that allows you to use a specific template engine. To add a feature to your project, run the following command:

reejs init <project-name> --features <feature-names>


You can select multiple features by separating them with a comma. You must not add spaces between the feature names.

Available Features

You can find a list of all available features in the interactive prompt. You can also find them below:

  • react
  • preact
  • tailwind
  • twind
  • api
  • static
  • million.js

Therefore, to create a new Reejs project called my-app with Preact, using Twind, having a REST API and serving static files, you would run the following command:

reejs init my-app -f -y

Reejs selects preact, twind, api, static by default. Therefore, you don't need to specify them. The -y flag skips the interactive prompt and applies the default options.

Project Structure

The above command will create the following project structure:

├── import_map.json
├── package.json
├── packit.config.js
├── public
├── reecfg.json
├── src
│   ├── components
│   └── pages
│       ├── api
│       │   └── index.js
│       ├── _app.jsx
│       ├── index.jsx
│       └── _twind.js
├── tailwind.config.js
└── twind.config.js

6 directories, 9 files

Released under the MIT License.